Fempocalypse 2022

Erin Ball and I are excited to be showing some Pirate and Mermaid magic in this upcoming show! Our act will feature audio description and open captioning, with transcripts available, as well as ASL interpretation.

You can find the show here March 31st- April 8th 2022 https://nightwoodinnovator.wixsite.com/website

Fempocalypse is an annual fundraiser produced by Nightwood Theatre’s Innovators Program. This year’s show is a fundraiser for Water First, an organization that works to address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada. You can register for the event here (tickets are free, but folks are encouraged to donate to Water First here: https://www.canadahelps.org/…/fempocalypse-2022-neo…/

[ID: Colourful text on a black screen reads “Fempocalypse 2022 Neo-Stalgia” with a mouse cursor clicking the last word.]