Iridescent Youth Circus

This program has now commenced. Thank you to everyone for their interest and support. It was an incredible program and we intend to run it for many years to come! For updates on future Rainbow Circus programming, or to get notified when camp applications open for next year, please subscribe to our mailing list!

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About Iridescent Youth Circus

IYC is a two-week program for LGBTQ2S+ youth ages 12-15 focusing on empowerment, self-expression, and artistic creation. 

Throughout this immersive circus experience, participants will learn both aerial and ground circus from a variety of Queer and Trans artists, and work together to create a final show. 

Our purpose is to support folks who may not feel as welcomed in traditional movement spaces. This includes queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming people, those experiencing mental illness, neurodivergent people, racialized folks, people with disabilities, and youth of all body sizes. 

Thanks to the generous funding from ArtReach and the Toronto Arts Council this program will be free to all participants.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. Applications close July 15


12-5pm Monday to Friday

2 weeks August 15th – August 26th

The Redwood Theatre 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7

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Send us an email:

Access notes & more info!

All bodies, minds, disabilities, and neurotypes are welcomed and celebrated in our programming. Please let us know any access needs/wants you may have and we will work to meet them as best as possible. 

The programming will be delivered in English. 

Both of the main coaches have basic proficiency in ASL, but not enough to communicate without an interpreter. We are not proficient in any other spoken languages. 

Getting Here: 

The address is 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7 

The nearest intersection is Greenwood and Gerrard. 

The building is accessible by bus from Greenwood station, as well as the 506 College/Gerrard streetcar. 

There is street parking available as well as bike lockups in the surrounding neighbourhood. 

It can be hard to stop on Gerrard street directly, so for easier dropoffs, we suggest turning onto Redwood Ave (a one way street going North) and getting dropped off next to the building. 

The building is accessible by bus from Greenwood station, as well as the 506 College/Gerrard streetcar. Greenwood station is only barrier free at the street level and is not accessible by subway. The nearest accessible subway is Coxwell Station. 

If transit fare presents a financial barrier, we are able to provide funds for the TTC.

The Building: 

The entrance to the building is off the sidewalk, a set of double doors, that open manually (no push button). 

There is no lip on the door. There is a moderately steep ramp from the entrance into the mainspace.It goes up from the street level, and then back down into the main space, at a grade that is not to code and has no railings. Wheelchair users may need physical assistance to go up this ramp. The mainspace is level. The floors are a mix of concrete and wooden dance floor. 

The space is lit with overhead track lighting, with minimal windows. It does have air conditioning and an updated H-Vac system for air filtration. 


There is a single-user washroom on the mainspace floor.

The washroom has enough space for a manual wheelchair, but would be too small for a powerchair user to turn around comfortably. There is no automatic door opener there is a grab bar, but the placement isn’t great. Handles to the bathroom door were knobs not levers. The faucet may pose access barriers to folks with limited mobility as it needs sustained pressure to function.


This is a low-scent space, and we ask that participants and coaches work to avoid the use of heavily scented products and perfumes as much as possible.

This is a low-scent space, and we ask that participants and coaches work to avoid the use of heavily scented products and perfumes as much as possible. 

Resources on how to be scent free/low scent: 



Hands-on spotting is a tool available, but not necessary, for learning skills. If participants would like physical support from coaches, we are happy to provide it, operating from an “ask first” consent-based framework. We will always provide alternatives to hands-on spotting (like more progressions, additional mats, or safety ropes) if skills require additional support. 


We recognize that it is not always possible to create a “safe space” and instead seek to create responsible and accountable spaces where we care for one another in the best ways we are able to. With that in mind we ask all of our program staff, guest coaches, and participants to be responsible for the impact of their words and actions. We are all on different parts of a learning journey, but we intend for our program to be a space where we can meaningfully and compassionately address racism, sexism, classism, colonialism, ableism, saneism, homophobia, transphobia, or any kind of discrimination and prejudice as it comes up. 

If you need to chat with someone outside of our program Allie Harvey (she/they) at ArtReach can act as a liaison and provide mediation for conflicts or support in the accountability process. She can be reached at , and can also communicate your feedback to us anonymously if preferred. 


Snacks will be provided to participants with a daily snack break (approx 2pm) snacks will be vegetarian and vegan with gluten-free options, and will take into account the allergies, food practices and preferences of participants. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks. 

Quick snacks as needed during scheduled programming are also okay, provided they aren’t eaten on the studio floor.

There is tap water available on location. Water bottles are encouraged. 


We will be taking a cautious and conservative approach to Covid-19 protocols. 

We ask that participants who are feeling unwell stay home and take care of themselves and not come in to participate in the programming. 

Based on the data in the city of Toronto at the time of programming participants may be asked to complete a rapid test (provided) twice weekly throughout the programming, as well as to wear masks while indoors. 

We will practice contact tracing by sending an email without identifying information to all program participants and coaches in the event of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case. 

Thanks to Jen Roy for edits and suggestions on the access notes.

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Squiggly rainbow lines in the background. A logo of a rainbow that looks like a circus tent. On top flies a progress pride flag, with a rainbow of colours including black and brown as well as pink, blue, and white for the trans flag. 

Text reads: Rainbow Circus Presents: Iridescent Youth Circus. A free circus camp for Queer and Trans youth. 2-week program. For youth ages 13-19.August 15th – August 26th 12-5pm. Monday to Friday. The Redwood Theatre 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON. All bodies, minds, disabilities, and neurotypes are welcomed and celebrated in our programming. With generous support from: and the logos for the Toronto Arts Council, ArtReach and, The Redwood. 

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