Coaching Philosophy

A young white woman stands smiling with a large braid of blue fabric draped over her shoulders. In one hand she holds a sturdy black rope with a carabiner tied to one end.

My coaching philosophy is unapologetically inclusive and intersectional. With my BA in equity studies as a foundation, I’m constantly working to engage in self reflexive anti-oppressive work, and to make circus spaces safer and more accessible. I believe that allyship is a verb, and constantly work to create a space that is welcoming and affirming to anyone who wants to join. 

I trust in meeting you where you are and recognizing that as good enough. I know that you already have the strength and power within you. I’m here as a coach to help you reach your goals safely and effectively. I’m going to cheer for all of your successes—even if your success of the day is showing up.  

A young white child puts their toes to their head while suspended on purple aerial fabric.
Image taken by Jennifer Long
A young white woman supports a young brown man as he holds an upside down straddle pose on blue aerial fabric. Both people are beaming widely.

My class spaces are created to be trauma informed, body positive, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-disability, pro-BIPOC, pro-sex work, pro-immigrant, pro-neurodiverse, and pro-equity. This includes ongoing work to address the barriers to accessibility, cultivating safer class environments, and addressing my own beliefs and biases. I also work to maintain open communication and to listen and learn from my mistakes.

If you would like to share any feedback on my coaching, or if there’s something I can be more accountable for, please let me know here.

I believe that all bodies and minds belong in circus spaces, and I am committed to making that feel more possible.

A young white woman holds the ends of blue aerial fabric as an older white person swings on the fabric.

Top image shows the feet of a young white person wrapped in blue aerial fabric. The header text reads "Coaching Journey Timeline" Below the header is a list of dates with information next to them.