Circus Classes

Want to learn circus?

One of my favourite things about circus arts is sharing my love of it with others! If you want to take a circus class with me you can find me in Toronto, hire me for a workshop, or take online private lessons with me. You can learn more about my coaching philosophy and journey here. If you’re looking for sliding scale class options or a community circus scholarship you can find the information on those below. See you in class!

Youth Classes

Registration is now open for fall classes! (September 5th- December 23rd)

Photo by Jennifer Long

Class options:

Youth Silks – Wednesdays 4-5:30 (Ages 9+, ALL levels)

Teen Silks – Fridays 4-5:30 (Ages 12+, Experience required)

Youth Silks – Friday 5:30-7pm(Ages 9+, ALL levels)

Tuition is $537.88 for Wednesday classes (one more class) and $506.24 for either of the Friday classes. The session runs from September 5th- December 23rd. It can be paid in installments and supplemented with sport funding resources (found here).

*Please reach out if a scholarship is needed in addition to sport funding, or if you need assistance with sport funding applications.

Class policies:

Classes are sessional with holidays pro-rated
Missed classes may be made up on an alternate weekday (within 3 weeks)
All students have the opportunity to participate in a winter and spring showcase
5% discount for multiple classes

What to expect:

Class sizes are small, usually a 1:6 instructor-to-student ratio to maximize support. Each student will receive instruction based on their current level (newbie to advanced) as well as participating in group strength and flexibility training.

My coaching priorities:

Inclusivity: Everyone belongs at the circus. There are no prerequisites or disqualifiers. You do not need to *earn* your right to be here.

Safe progressions: no tricks before you’re ready to do them safely.

Sustainable growth: We build strong foundations and understandings of why you’re doing something, not just how.

Body and movement positivity: all bodies are good bodies, human shapes vary, and movement is for joy and expression.

Equity, & Accessibility: Where possible, I work to make my classes financially and physically accessible. All bodies, minds, and neurotypes are welcomed and celebrated in my class spaces.

Accountability: I know that it is not always possible to create a “safe space” and instead seek to create responsible and accountable spaces where we care for one another in the best ways we are able to.

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction for all ages! Get in touch to book.

Online Classes (Currently not running)

When running, online classes are offered on a sliding scale basis, with scholarship options available for those who need it (please get in touch). Tuition tiers for your individual class can be found next to the class date and time. The three tiers are as follows:

Tier 1: $12 per class for people that couldn’t otherwise afford this class.
Tier 2: $15 per class for folks that would have to consult their budget before registering.
Tier 3: $18 per class for those that are gainfully employed or can make this purchase without financial worry. 

Adult Classes (On hold till fall)

Click here for signup link


Poster with white hands hanging off of purple aerial fabric. Text in image reads "Community Circus Scholarship. My goals are to: Reduce financial barriers with scholarships covering 25%-75% of class costs. Create spaces where people can access recreation and joy to bolster their resilience. Build a sustainale ongoing program bolstered by community support. We are strongest in community and connection."
Background photo by Jennifer Long

In line with my commitments to equity and financial accessibility, I make an effort to offer sliding scale options for my classes when possible. This ensures that more people are able to access circus arts within a range of financial circumstances.

When sliding scale options are not possible, or don’t meet the financial needs of circus students, I’ve created a community circus scholarship to help bridge the gap.

The community circus scholarship is supported by generous donations from circus artists, students, and community members. It would not be possible without the support of these donors. A special thanks to Emily Hughes for her ongoing consultation on the project.

As of December 2020, this program has been able to offer five full or partial scholarships to help make circus classes more affordable for kids and adults. We hope to offer more in the future!

Poster with white hands hanging off of purple aerial fabric. Text in image reads "Community Circus Scholarship. *looking for donors* Support me in my mission to create more inclusive circus spaces by offering class scholarships to folks that can't afford the full cost right now. We are strongest in community and connection."
Click here to donate to the scholarship program!