Circus Classes

Want to learn circus?

One of my favourite things about circus arts is sharing my love of it with others! If you want to take a circus class with me you can find me in Toronto, hire me for a workshop, or take in-person or online private lessons with me. You can learn more about my coaching philosophy and journey here. I’ve also compiled a list of financial scholarships and sport funding which can be found on the resources page. See you in class!

Classes – Spring Session

No class on April 7th, but classes will run as usual on all holiday Mondays.

Youth & Teen classes: March 20th – June 23rd

Kid & Adult classes: 6-week session March 20th-April 26th (8- week session to follow)

Anyone can join “open level” classes, see other classes for specific requirements (no invitation needed if you’re already in the class) 

Mondays (The Redwood Theatre 1300 Gerrard St E.) 

4-5pm Kids- Open Level (Ages 7-10)  Tuition: $200 (6-week session) Spots Available

5-6:15 pm Youth – Open Level (Ages 11+)  Tuition: $490.42 (14-week session) FULL

Wednesdays (The Redwood Theatre 1300 Gerrard St E.)

4:30-6 pm Advanced Youth (Invite only) Tuition: $506.24 (14-week session) FULL

6:15-7:30 pm Adult Silks -Open Level (Ages 18+)  Tuition: $210.18 (6-week session) Spots Available

Fridays (Studio Flux 6 Carlaw Ave) 

4-5:30 pm Advanced Teens (Invite only) Tuition: $470.08 (13-week session) FULL

5:30-6:45 pm Rainbow Circus (LGBTQ2S+ Teens & allies) Tuition: $455.39 (13-week session) *1 spot*

At the end of the spring session, students will have the opportunity to participate in a recital on Thursday, June 15th 2023.

*Please reach out if a scholarship is needed in addition to sport funding, or if you need assistance with sport funding applications.

Rainbow Circus class: a Queer and Trans-centered circus program for youth 12-18 that works on developing aerial skills as well as expressive movement (all my classes are Queer and Trans inclusive spaces by default, but sometimes it’s helpful to have Queer and Trans centered spaces.) I have a specific Rainbow scholarship for Queer and Trans youth which you can find on the resources page!

To register:

Send an email to indicating which class you’re interested in registering in. If there’s space in the class we’ll send you the waiver and emergency contact info and let you know how to pay tuition!

If you’d like to do a payment plan or apply for sport funding you can transfer a 50$ deposit to hold your spot. Please send me an email to discuss the details. Class sizes are small, so please register early! 

Tuition can often be paid in installments and supplemented with sport funding resources (found here). *Please reach out if a scholarship is needed in addition to sport funding, or if you need assistance with sport funding applications.

Access notes can be found here

Class policies:

There will be no class April 7th, but classes will take place on all holiday Mondays

All students have the opportunity to participate in a spring showcase if desired

5% discount for multiple classes

Please stay home if feeling unwell, and mask up if you have lingering symptoms

We are currently unable to offer makeups for missed classes

Classes are closed learning spaces, parents, friends, ect. are not permitted to watch

For aerial silk classes please wear clothes you can move in that are free from zippers and things that could catch on the fabric and cause tears. This also includes jewellery that could catch.

Please bring a water bottle, we also have reusable cups and tap water onsite if needed.

Filming yourself at the end of class is encouraged if desired, please make sure other students aren’t in your videos and refrain from posting the entry wraps to drops or complex skills on the internet.

What to expect:

Class sizes are small, usually a 1:8 instructor-to-student ratio to maximize support. Each student will receive instruction based on their current level (beginner to advanced) as well as participate in group strength and flexibility training.

For the time being, I’m leaving masks as optional, however, if we enter another covid wave I’ll be asking students to mask up. I’m still rapid testing 2-3 times a week as part of the community care practices in my dance community, and will typically be wearing a mask myself. 

I’m also asking that students wear high-quality masks to class for a week after they’ve had a close contact with someone who’s tested positive, as well as to follow the public health guidelines of masking up until day 10 of testing positive themselves (after the 5- day quarantine). And of course, if you have any covid symptoms please don’t come into the studio–you can always join a makeup class!  

My coaching priorities:

Inclusivity: Everyone belongs at the circus. There are no prerequisites or disqualifiers. You do not need to *earn* your right to be here.

Safe progressions: no tricks before you’re ready to do them safely.

Sustainable growth: We build strong foundations and understandings of why you’re doing something, not just how.

Body and movement positivity: all bodies are good bodies, human shapes vary, and movement is for joy and expression.

Equity, & Accessibility: Where possible, I work to make my classes financially and physically accessible. All bodies, minds, and neurotypes are welcomed and celebrated in my class spaces.

Accountability: I know that it is not always possible to create a “safe space” and instead seek to create responsible and accountable spaces where we care for one another in the best ways we are able to.

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction for all ages! Get in touch to book.

Note: I am currently not accepting any more private lessons at this time.