About Me

A young white woman in black jeans and a green sweater hangs from her knees off of some industrial pipes. She has a red handkerchief tied around her head and is smiling widely. Behind her are clouds and blue water full of islands, she appears to be at a high altitude.

“The artist in me believes that anything is possible, the activist in me works to make it so.”

Jayeden (she/her) is a queer neurodivergent settler, circus artist, and movement coach. Since claiming circus in 2012, Jayeden has performed for companies such as Samsung, Liberty Group, and the YMCA. She was featured in the award-winning Vertical Belles documentary, and has made appearances on CBC, Rogers TV, and CP24.

In 2018, Jayeden completed her honours BA in equity studies and English at the University of Toronto, since then she has been doing independent studies in trauma, disability, and the power of movement as a somatic resource.

When she’s not in the air, Jayeden works to promote accessible and inclusive movement by serving on the board of directors for Reason d’etre Dance, coaching social circus, and volunteering with the Special Olympics and Danceabilities. 

Outside of movement spaces, Jayeden can be found curled up among plants with a book, someone else’s dog, and a mason jar full of coffee.